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In order to fully understand distance energy heal, you need some background knowledge about our evolution as humans and the physics in which we live. It is a long article, and if healing physics does not appeal to you then you should skip it. See Your Highest Truth for get more info.

Universal Life Cycle

The universe, according to a group of three scientists, is not shrinking, but expanding. So long as expansion speed is increasing, life on earth is subjected to an "increasing force". If the expansion stops, then the large life cycle for this universe is complete, there will be reproduction in the universe and, after that, it will break down into a dying process.

In every living organism on earth, this lifecycle of birthing, growing up, becoming mature, reproducing and dying is evident. All objects vibrate quicker and have a higher vibration every year. As our sun gets hotter, and produces more energy every year, we can see this. As we grow so do the plants and animals. As we examine the Earth's fossil records, we can observe that growth forces have impacted life over millions of centuries.

The Growing Force

Scientists can't yet classify this growing force. It is most likely equal to dark matter, which comprises the other 25 percent of universe. It is estimated that only five percent of universe, which includes the planet earth, the stars right down to their atomic structure is visible. Twenty-five percentage of universe is composed by dark matter. In my opinion, dark energy is responsible for the consciousness intelligence of all living things. Since it's pure energy, there is no way to see it. This energy is like the original creator.

It is fascinating to note that moving objects through space increases their mass. It is because of the expanding force that all objects will gain weight, even us. Einstein's famous E=mc2 formula states that energy is equal the mass times squared speed of a light. As objects gain in mass their vibrating energy also increases. Because you're eternal and therefore cannot be destroyed by anything, the vibrations and masses of your body increase every time.