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It is important to understand that plastic surgery involves a specialized surgical branch which alters and corrects the shape, functionality and form of a human being. The surgery may be elective or cosmetic, but it can also cover life-saving procedures. Every year, millions of people opt for cosmetic surgery.


The presence of plastic surgery in the world has been felt since hundreds years. One estimate claims that the Romans could replace small body parts like ears and fingers in the 1st Century BC. India began practicing a procedure similar to skin grafting in the eighth century.

It is easy to imagine how painful the first surgeries were. It was not uncommon to get infected. In the period between 16th and 18th centuries, there were more procedures to repair physical defects. This included nasal and facial repairs as well skin grafts.

The number of plastic surgeries performed increased dramatically in World War I. Plastic surgery was the only treatment available to many returning soldiers who were severely injured.


There are many plastic surgery procedures available to you. Elective plastic surgery routines can include breast implants, breast augmentation, tummy tightening, nose job and liposuction. Unexpectedly, many women over 50 are opting for facelifts to reduce the look of crows' feet. In addition, there are skin grafts available to help repair damage caused by fires, accidents and other circumstances. It's good news that you can have limbs repaired, as well as noses, eyes and ears.

The Importance of Using a Wallet

This surgery will have a positive effect on your quality of life, even if it is for medical issues. You will feel more confident if this is a cosmetic surgery.


There are many things to consider before undergoing plastic surgery. The first factor to take into consideration is price. Often this type of surgery costs tens and thousands of dollars. Health insurance covers only a few types of surgery, but not elective procedures. It is important to do proper research when looking for a plastic surgeon who has experience and is reputed in your area. A surgeon that is also a part of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons will be of great help to you.

The Warning

Be sure to tell your doctor before surgery if you're taking drugs or vitamin supplements. It may be necessary for you to discontinue the medication even after the operation is complete.

Before the procedure, you should avoid alcohol and coffee as they can affect your recovery. Inform your surgeon if you have any other medical problems. You should avoid plastic surgery if you suffer from heart disease, diabetes or high blood-pressure.