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The most important thing about knowing basic cooking tricks is that they can help you save precious time in the kitchen, while still allowing you to relax and enjoy your life despite all of today's modern day demands. If you want to find a valuable resource for questions related to cooking tips, food preparation, and kitchen appliances, of course, you should visit the power up cook site.

Following are some useful tips for home cooks who want to stay within their budget and plan nutritious meals in minutes.

Bacon can be prevented from shrinking if you pre-wash them in cold water. Fry them afterward. Beans can also be made less gassy by soaking them first in large containers with Soda-bicarbonate. When boiling eggs, a small amount of salt (or vinegar) can be added to the water. This will help keep the shell intact. To avoid a loss of taste, cooking experts suggest boiling corn in boiling water for 3 minutes.

If you want to create a crisp pastry for your pie, substitute the vinegar for water.

The other basic tips for cooking with unripe vegetables and fruit is to store them in an airtight brown-paper bag in the dark for several days. Also, chop up iceberg salad into wedges rather than tearing it apart. When cooking tomato sauce, a teaspoon of Soda Bicarbonate will help to neutralize the taste. Also, thick cream-based soups made with mushrooms, chicken or celery and tomatoes are good for instant sauces.